For those you who are searching for a gym in Meguro

How is your fitness life in Japan?

Hi there. How is your fitness life in Japan?

Some of you maybe having a nice time at Gold’s or Anytime fitness, but maybe some of you are searching for a gym that teaches you how to workout properly and guide you.

We are a personal gym for anyone who love to workout, or wants to start their fitness life.

Who am I?

I am Kosuke. I was raised in Newport News, Virginia for 10 years so I can train you in English, Japanese, or I can mix them up(for people who want to improve their Japanese.)

I have been training for almost 4 years now, and love to workout and teach people how fun and exciting to working out.

I remember the day when I first met my trainer (Which was from Australia)
After being coached a few times, I was soon addicted to training, and stated to workout 5 times a day.

It is my dream to inspire as many people as possible to workout daily.

Please feel free to contact me!

About our gym

Our gym has a few features which are different from other gyms.

Pay as you go

Our Gym has only the following 2 Plans.

 Personal TrainingGroup Training
Price10,000 yen + tax8,000 yen + tax / p.p.
Number of Clients1 on 12 -3 members
Training Time1 hour1.5 hours
Number of Exercises
Rental Gear
Rental Shoes
Nutrition Plan
◯(※β tensting)

We don’t want our clients to be pressured from ticket expirations or monthly frees.

So, our gym uses a Pay as you go system, allowing you to pay only when you come, and quit whenever you want.

Trainers with a unique background

Our trainers are not just ordinary trainers.

Our CEO, Kosuke was one of the founding members of an e-commerce startup called BASE. He then started the chat story app “TELLER”, the No.1 downloaded chat story app.

Many of our clients are CEO’s and business men, mostly working in the IT field.

Training and Diet methods with high success rate

Besides training, we recommend our clients to eat on a low fat diet.

Our trainers have been on a low fat diet for over 2 years(one of us has lost over 66lbs!), and we our confident that this method for dieting works really well and is healthy. It is also effective for everyone.

This method is written in “除脂肪メソッド”, a bible for Japanese body builders written by Prof.Takashi Okada.

High quality gym equipment

OK. So our final point.

The imported machines at GYM by NAKD are the same machines which are used in Gold Gyms and other major gyms around the world, and we can guarantee you the best qualities and the best efficiency for a high-level training.

Our machines are used and checked by all our trainers, so feel safe and have an intense training session.

Let’s start training!

Send us a message and reserve your training!

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